27 years and counting

On Tuesday we will have been married 27 years.  What a crazy thought!  Having those kinds of numbers in your biography definitely qualify you for mature adulthood and you can feel a soft breath of ‘old and uninteresting’ blow across.  Actually, though, I find that, contrary to my earlier beliefs, this is an excellent place to be in your life.  Married for 27 years means 27 years of snuggling in bed, 27 years of mingled laundry, money, and belongings; 27 years of camping trips, child raising, caring for parents, drinking excellent beverages, getting excited about espresso makers, learning about random topics, sleepless nights listening to each other breathe.  It hasn’t really been hard at all, compared to the difficulty of doing this all alone.  On the contrary–he makes me belly laugh like no other.  I love to watch him.  I’m sure we’ve made sacrifices, I guess, but is it a sacrifice if the alternative was so much worse?  There’s no loss in all of this compared to the gain.  It seems that people have lost sight of that sometimes–my constant theme right now is the impossibility of winning the relationship war by winning relationship battles.  Better to gain in the long-term than to have the brief pleasure of ‘right.’  This way you get 27 excellent years 🙂  And hopefully at least 27 years more.  Good luck to all of you lucky married folks.


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