Broken But Not Beaten

You may wonder why I’ve been silent for two years.  A lot has happened.  September 2014 I was driving to school one evening for a musical rehearsal when a truck hit my beloved blue Cobalt.  Almost knocked me into heaven.  Actually, I’m starting to believe more and more that the truck did knock me into heaven, and during my coma I was there, not here.  But more about that later.  Anyway, suffice it to say that I almost died several times, and when I started showing signs of coming out of my coma I was moved to On With Life in Ankeny, IA, possibly the greatest brain injury rehabilitation facility in the WHOLE WORLD.  I had to learn to think, talk, swallow, see, eat, walk, go to the bathroom, wipe myself, read, find my own nose on my face, shower myself, and basically learn to start making sense of all the signals that my senses were sending my brain again.  So many things I had been taking for granted all these years that my brain had just been doing automatically that you never think about…like brushing your teeth is actually a terribly sophisticated procedure.  I am sure that will be an entire blog post later.  But never fear…that doesn’t mean that the whole purpose of this blog is changing to be about my brain injury and how I’m miraculously managing to recover while all the time staying cheerful.  No.  Nothing like that, I’m afraid.  There are already lots and lots of great blogs about recovery from brain injury out there much more thorough than anything I could attempt, so I won’t even try.  I’m sure the topic will come up frequently because…give me a break..I’M BRAIN DAMAGED!!  Hopefully not many of you can say that, although sadly enough an ever-increasing number of us are joining the club that no one wanted to join.


Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone who cared know why I’ve been AWOL for basically 2 years.  I’m still not very good with a computer yet, so please forgive any typos you run across.  It feels indescribably great to be back writing and, frankly, still alive.  Life is good!


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