Sports Insanity!

OK, forgive me here. I really don’t intend to tick off a lot of people. But WHAT is up with sports? More specifically, what is up with super-sport-fandom!?!

My dad loved Cardinal baseball. He would listen to the games on the radio, maybe attended one or two games in his life, and occasionally he would say to a friend “How about those Cardinals last night?”.

That was it. He was a fan. He didn’t own a piece of Cardinal clothing; we didn’t fly a Cardinal flag or have a painted rock by the front door with a picture of a red bird. We didn’t even declare our loyalty as we drove by displaying personalized plates, stickers, or decals.

We’re musicians. Not even rock stars. We’re interested in music and we love concerts. It’s hard to imagine the level of fandom as applied to music, though. The preconcert show: “Well, Bob, I’m worried about the first cello tonight! He had a bad sandwich yesterday and has bee playing a little flat all day!” Or people calling in after the concert to discuss every individual measure and second-guessing the conductor’s tempo and dynamic choices. Ridiculous.

My point? I don’t know. Just wondering if I’m the only one who finds this strange. We went for a walk tonight and almost every house was flying team colors. Grown people in the grocery store are wearing uniform shorts/T-shirts/hoodies as if they were on the way to practice. Our friends are dedicating entire rooms to team paraphernalia. Tailgating. Buying bigger TVs for “the game.” Cars are decked out. The radio and TV are full of call-in shows.

I’m missing something here. Am I alone?