Dog to the Rescue!

I just found out about a month ago the most exciting new!  I’ve been definitely approved to receive a mobility dog!!!  A new heart companion.

I cannot describe to you how exciting this is.  First of all, dogs and cats have always counted amongst my dearest companions.  As a lonely child, they were a constant, loving nonjudgemental companion.  They were always there.  But while I loved cat’s somewhat aloof, take-it-or-leave it nature, now since the accident what I need, most of all, is a large,calm DOG!  Our lovely Remo, our 13 1/2 year old Lab, had to be put to sleep last summer, and I miss him so much.  We got Miss Kitty, my faithful companion, and I know she would be more than willing to be a mobility cat for me;  that is, if it didn’t interfere with her very busy nap and snack schedule, or if she wasn’t busy playing with a toy at the time I needed her.  Cats, I believe, are just as intelligent as dogs:  they just don’t need to prove it to us humans.  Don’t get me wrong…Miss Kitty is amazingly sensitive to my needs, and an astounding therapy companion.  She just doesn’t have the build to support me like a large dog.  Nor the constant “on-duty” temperament, I have to admit (as much as I hate to!)

Back to my mobility dog.  This particular place ONLY breeds golden retrievers and labrador retrievers, which are my two particular favorite breeds anyway, so no problem there.  This past week my husband drove me down there to visit the facility and see some puppies and mature dogs in training.  It was so thrilling!

Mobility dogs wear a harness with a tall metal handle that you can hold onto to walk outside, and in public places.  At this particular facility, they don’t train “anxiety” dogs, but I know that just having a dog to put my hand on and look at has always calmed me down.  I have never had an anxiety attack or anything like that, although I was on anxiety meds for a long time.  But I’m off them now, which is a great thing.  When I do get upset, I have to sit down and breathe deeply, and having a dog with me all the time that’s MINE will be just PERFECT!!!

Can you tell I am excited?  This is me trying to hold it down.  This application process has already been very extensive, and more than a year.  They say the wait will be less than two more years, most probably around a year.  I am content to wait now that I know for sure that somewhere out there there’s a dog for me.

All the dogs from this particular facility live in a prison, with an inmate for a long period.They also go to a foster family for socialization in the community. Both of these stays provide basic obedience training.

Hello out there, my doggy pal!  I’m praying for you, and your trainers.



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