Welcome to my word garden.   This is a collection of thoughts, smiles, and life-moments. Feel free to stop a while and relax. Thanks for reading


I wrote those words when I first set up this blog, before any of the rest of my story unfolded.  A little back story…in my previous life I was a teacher, most recently at the high school level.  At the time I set up this blog I felt as if I was drowning in love and passion and stress.  I had no idea what to do.   Then life totally threw me a curve.   . If you’re interested in finding out more, please read a few of my posts from before September 14 2014.   On that date I was in a car accident and almost died several times over.  I was left in a coma for several months, eventually went to a brain rehabilitation facility to make a recovery that defied every expectation.  At first  I wasn’t expected to come out of my vegetative state, then I wouldn’t have any quality of life.  Next I  wouldn’t walk or see:  then I wouldn’t be able to swallow, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Now I am home.  At this point I cannot drive, and may not be able to drive forever.  I admit I had severe struggles with that, and still do.    I currently can’t work outside our home, but I’m hopeful that one day that may change.  I am scarred, but my face still looks pretty good.  My brain is broken, but when it’s fresh and well-rested, it still works pretty well.  I have remnants of my speech aphasia, especially when I’m tired, but considering that I wasn’t ever supposed to speak again, sometimes you can’t shut me up!

All in all, I’m very very very very grateful for all these things.  I hope you will come along and enjoy this garden that I planted a couple of years before the accident. Little did I realize that God knew all along this was in my future.    His tenderness and attention to the least details is staggering.

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